A unique group of internationally renowned scholars and leaders from business and the professions bound by a common interest to improve oral health. Together, we strive to be catalysts of positive change by leading the assembly of decision-makers and stakeholders to generate innovative solutions for fundamental health system problems.

Critical Issues in Oral Health

We focus on the critical, actionable issues in domestic and international health policy, science, education and practice.  For the Santa Fe Group, these include:


  • Developing and supporting leadership in all sectors and at every level

Public Empowerment

  • Increasing health literacy of the public
  • Promoting social determinants that support health and well-being 

Optimum and Integrated Care for All

  • Accelerating the rate of knowledge and technology transfer
  • Supporting access to quality health care, especially among at-risk populations
  • Eliminating health disparities and ensuring health equity

Workforce Readiness

  • Enhancing access to health care professional education for all groups
  • Stimulating solutions for the impending health professions workforce shortage
  • Promoting an interdisciplinary health workforce
  • Exploring roles and opportunities for future-oriented allied health professions

Dental Capacity

  • Supporting infrastructure for strong and vibrant schools of dentistry
  • Preserving and expanding the role of science in dental education
  • Integrating dental medicine within the health professions (medicine, pharmacy, nursing, and the allied health professions)

Healthy Policies

  • Supporting domestic and international policy development and analysis
  • Exploring strategies for effective dissemination and adoption of science