A unique group of internationally renowned scholars and leaders from business and the professions bound by a common interest to improve oral health. Together, we strive to be catalysts of positive change by leading the assembly of decision-makers and stakeholders to generate innovative solutions for fundamental health system problems.

Expanding Oral Health for America’s Seniors

Approximately 10,000 Americans retire each day and discover that most of them do not have any dental benefits.  Good oral health perpetuates overall well-being and ability to enjoy a healthy lifestyle well into retirement.  People are living longer, active lives and it is important for seniors to continue to receive the oral health care they need to stay healthy and maintain their good dentition.

The rationale, costs, and benefits of improved oral healthcare access for seniors makes a compelling case for expanded government funded benefit coverage.

The lack of oral health care benefits concerns many stakeholders from government, academe, public health, professional associations, corporate entities and advocacy groups.  Together, we can shape policy, optimize benefits, foster health literacy and drive changes necessary to achieve the important goal of expanded access to basic dental care.

On September 29-30, 2016, Santa Fe Group convened 150 leaders and advocates in Washington, DC to review evidence about the need for coverage and to determine what the benefits package would look like.

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