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2016 Salon Presentations


Santa Fe Group Salon: Expanding Oral Healthcare Access for America’s Seniors – September 28, 30 – 2016

By Joan Wilentz

The Santa Fe Group set ambitious goals for its salon in Arlington, Virginia, September 28 30: 2016: no less than elaborating policies and options for seniors to gain access to oral healthcare—maybe adding coverage for dental services in Medicare. The Santa Fe Group, founded 20 years ago as a dental think tank, is composed of leaders in the health professions who hold periodic “salons,” scholarly meetings for discussions of issues important to dentistry. This year’s salon was dedicated to a recently deceased Santa Fe member, the distinguished cardiothoracic surgeon, mentor, and administrator, John Charles Baldwin…   read more

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Photos: Expanding Oral Healthcare Access for America’s Seniors

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Enhancing Oral Healthcare Access for America’s Seniors

Stacy Sanders

Dr. Paul Glassman

Patrick Willard

Marcia Brand, PH.D

Dr. Michael Helgenson

Mary Lee Conicella

Marko Vujicic, PH.D

Mark E. Nehring, MED, DMD, MPH

Linda Niessen, DMD, MPH, MPP

Kenneth S. Kornman, DDS, PH.D

Judith Haber

Ira Lamster, DDS, MMSC

Gary Price

Eric Berger

David A. Lipschutz

Christopher H. Fox

Beth Truett, M.DIV, B.S

Ann Battrell

Presentations from the salon (Click the links below)

Thursday, September 29, 2016 Sessions:

Welcome, Goals and Dedication – Michael Alfano

Greetings – Caol Summerhays

Perspective – Lynn Mouden

Keynote Address – Terry Fulmer

Senior Oral Healthcare: The Need – Moderators: Claude Earl Fox and Dushanka Kleinman

  • Inequities in Oral Health for America’s Seniors – Judith Jones
  • Access to Oral Care and the Impact of Retirement – Richard Manski
  • Chairside Collision: Oral and Systemic Health, Impact at the Patient Level – Elisa M. Chávez

Senior Oral Healthcare: The Value Proposition – Moderators: Stephen N. Abel and Raul Garcia

  • Oral Conditions and Systemic Health – Ira Lamster
  • Oral Health and Quality of Life – Jed Jacobsen
  • Oral Health and Medical Care Costs and Utilization – Marko Vujicic

Senior Oral Healthcare: The Benefit – Moderators: Steven W. Kess and Nicolas G. Mosca

  • Political History of Medicare: Lessons for Benefits Development – Jonathan Oberlander
  • Report of the SFG/OHA Benefits Analysis Committee – Judith Jones
  • How Can We Optimize the Benefit Options? – Jeff Chaffin

Senior Oral Healthcare: The Consumer – Moderators: Fotinos S. Panagakos and Beth Truett

  • What Are Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors on Oral Heathcare? – Peter Mitchell

Facilitated Consensus Development: The Audience Responds – Moderators: Teresa A. Dolan and Linda Niessen

Friday, September 30, 2016 Sessions:

Health Economics (Optimizing costs) – Moderators: Peter Dubois and Gary W. Price

Health Policy (targeting the triple aim) – Moderators: Ralph Fuccillo and Ronald Inge

Oral Health Literacy Campaign (Improved patient experience) – Moderators: Dushanka Kleinman and Beth Truett

Oral/Systemic Connections (Driving better outcomes) – Moderators: Stephen N. Abel and Harold Slavkin

Reports and discussion from each of the four group deliberations. – Moderators: Claude Earl Fox and Raul Garcia

Meeting Summary and Next Steps – Michael Alfano

Santa Fe Group Salon Interviews

Ann Battrell

Gary Price

Harold Slavkin

Kathleen T O’Loughlin

Linda Niessen

Marko Vujicic

Christopher Fox

Fotinos Panagakos

R. Bruce Donoff

Richard Valachovic

Teresa A. Dolan

Mary Foley

Beth Truett

Joan Gluch