Critical Issues in Oral Health

We focus on the critical, actionable issues in domestic and international health policy, science, education and practice. For the Santa Fe Group, these include:


  • Developing and supporting leadership in all sectors and at every level

Public Empowerment

  • Increasing health literacy of the public
  • Promoting social determinants that support health and well-being

Optimum and Integrated Care for All

  • Accelerating the rate of knowledge and technology transfer
  • Supporting access to quality health care, especially among at-risk populations
  • Eliminating health disparities and ensuring health equity

Workforce Readiness

  • Enhancing access to health care professional education for all groups
  • Stimulating solutions for the impending health professions workforce shortage
  • Promoting an interdisciplinary health workforce
  • Exploring roles and opportunities for future-oriented allied health professions

Dental Capacity

  • Supporting infrastructure for strong and vibrant schools of dentistry
  • Preserving and expanding the role of science in dental education
  • Integrating dental medicine within the health professions (medicine, pharmacy, nursing, and the allied health professions)

Healthy Policies

  • Supporting domestic and international policy development and analysis
  • Exploring strategies for effective dissemination and adoption of science