Advance Health Equity 2022 Summit

On June 22-23, 2022, the Santa Fe Group convened the Advance Health Equity 2022 Summit in Arlington, VA. The goal of the Summit was to align and acknowledge the progress/achievements of several national groups and individuals working on health equity and related issues while mobilizing stakeholders to activate, expand, support, and accelerate collective opportunities on specific health equity goals that emphasize expanded coverage, overall health integration advancements. The focus of the general sessions and working groups was on three primary strategic areas: expanded coverage, workforce development, and integration of oral and overall health.

Over the course of the two days, participants heard from thought leaders in multiple fields and worked together to identify and commit to collective action opportunities. The Santa Fe Group is now pleased to present the Summit Summary Report documenting the collaborations, and positive-change drivers from the convocation.

We hope this Summary purposes to accelerate change by crystalizing the actions and conversations catalyzed by the Summit as stakeholders collectively take the next steps toward advancing health equity.