SFG 2022 Annual Report

As we celebrate our 25th anniversary as a catalyst for improving oral health, we are pleased to present the Santa Fe Group’s 2022 Annual Report.

In this report, we share highlights of the key initiatives and major programs led by the SFG over the past year. During this celebratory year, we were especially inspired by the tremendous advocacy efforts that helped contribute to the groundbreaking inclusion of dental benefits for medically necessary care in Medicare at the end of 2022. This report also details the attention and energies the SFG has devoted to improving oral health care access for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

As part of the commemoration of our 25th anniversary, this report reviews the history of the SFG’s major initiatives over the years and looks ahead at the anticipated activities of 2023, as we continue to move the needle on critical oral health care issues and advocate for change in advancing oral health.

Click here to download the Annual Report