Dr. Judith Haber Appointed to Healthy Smiles, Healthy Hearts™ Initiative

Judith Haber, Ph.D., A.P.R.N., F.A.A.N., Executive Director of the Oral Health Nursing Education and Practice Program (OHNEP), has been appointed to the National Scientific Advisory Group of the American Heart Association’s Healthy Smiles, Healthy Hearts™ initiative, funded by and developed in collaboration with Delta Dental. This $14,000,000 project aims to improve the oral health and total health of patients nationwide by expanding access to equitable, integrated health care.

Through the Healthy Smiles, Healthy Hearts initiative, the Association and Delta Dental will engage oral health clinicians to create and implement a new standard of care for heart health screening at the dentist’s office by conducting blood pressure screenings and providing referrals to primary care if necessary. The initiative will also educate health care professionals and patients on the link between heart health and oral health, while emphasizing the importance of a patient’s integrated care team in improving total health and well-being.

“Our collaboration with the American Heart Association marks a pivotal step towards strengthening access to quality, integrated care and emphasizes the role of dental visits as part of a holistic health check which can offer early detection of cardiovascular disease and other conditions,” noted Daniel W. Croley, DMD, Chief Dental Officer for Delta Dental.

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