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Recent Santa Fe Group News

Recipients of 2024 William J. Gies Awards

Santa Fe Group · March 12, 2024 · The Editors

On March 11, at the 2024 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition, the 2024 William J. Gies Awards were presented to three recipients: Alison F. Doubleday, Ph.D, M.A., M.S. – the […]

Black History Month – Past, Present, Future

Santa Fe Group · February 29, 2024 · The Editors

This Black History Month, we honor those Black Americans who have changed and are continuing to change the way we view and understand oral health and its importance for overall […]

The Santa Fe Group Submits Nomination of Dental Services for Medicare Coverage for Individuals With Diabetes

Santa Fe Group · February 19, 2024 · The Editors

On February 2, 2024, the Santa Fe Group submitted their nomination to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to request coverage of medically necessary dental services for individuals […]

A Tribute to Harold C. Slavkin, D.D.S.

Santa Fe Group · January 10, 2024 · The Editors

A Tribute to Harold C. Slavkin, D.D.S. Harold C. Slavkin, D.D.S., a founding member of the Santa Fe Group, was an internationally renowned dentist, scientist, educator, and science administrator and […]

Recent Health News

Early Detection of Oral Cancer

Health · February 27, 2024 · The Editors

A new test developed by University of Illinois Chicago researchers allows dentists to screen for the most common form of oral cancer with a simple and familiar tool: the brush. […]

February is … Black History Month

Health · February 13, 2024 · The Editors

Up until the late 1800s, Black dentists were nearly unheard of. When the first US dental school opened in 1840, Black students were denied the opportunity to apply. Black Americans […]

February is … Children’s Dental Health Month

Health · February 2, 2024 · The Editors

Brought to the public by the American Dental Association, National Children’s Dental Health Month is observed every February. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, dental caries are four […]

Toothbrushing in Hospital Reduces Infections and Death

Health · January 22, 2024 · The Editors

Toothbrushing is potentially more effective than antiseptic at reducing the oral microbiota because the mechanical action breaks up plaque and other biofilms. Yet, guidelines have focused very little on brushing as […]

Recent Health Leadership News

GoMo Health Welcomes Dr. Judith Haber to Advisory Board

Health Leadership · December 13, 2023 · The Editors

Judith Haber, Ph.D., A.P.R.N., F.A.A.N., Professor Emerita at the New York University Rory Meyers College of Nursing and Executive Director of the Oral Health Nursing Education and Practice (OHNEP) Program, […]

Opinion: How to Combat Racism and Bias in Dentistry

Health Leadership · November 27, 2023 · The Editors

In this op ed article published on November 8, 2023, in the California Health Report, Elisa M. Chávez, D.D.S., discusses disparities in oral health care and highlights some of the […]

For Health Equity, We Must Focus on Gender Equality

Health Leadership · September 21, 2023 · The Editors

The quest for gender equality in healthcare extends beyond representation; it encompasses the need to address disparities faced by women of color, especially in medicine and dentistry. In this article, […]

Meharry School of Dentistry to Launch New Innovation Center for Dental Education

Health Leadership · July 31, 2023 · The Editors

Meharry Medical College’s School of Dentistry will launch a new innovation center to house the latest in dental technology and materials to prepare students for modern-day dental practice. The center […]

Recent Medical-Dental Integration News

Medical-Dental Integration Shepherds Dentistry Into Healthcare to Improve Outcomes

Medical-Dental Integration · January 2, 2024 · The Editors

The November 2023 issue of Inside Dentistry features an article that examines how the incorporation of dental preventive care into medical care not only closes gaps regarding access but also […]

Integrating Oral Health Into Primary Care Is ‘Critical,’ But ‘There Is a Long Way To Go’

Medical-Dental Integration · December 19, 2023 · The Editors

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force announced on November 7, 2023, that there was not yet enough evidence to officially recommend oral health screening and preventive interventions for adults and […]

Recent Medicare News

Proposed Rule to Include Adult Dental Coverage as an Essential Health Benefit on the ACA Exchanges

Medicare · November 29, 2023 · The Editors

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) published on November 24, 2023, in the Federal Register a proposed rule that would allow states to include adult dental services as […]

CMS Takes Important Steps in Addressing Coverage Gaps and Inconsistencies in Essential Health Benefits

Medicare · November 16, 2023 · The Editors

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced that it is taking important steps to remove barriers to coverage for adult dental care. In the annual Notice of […]

Public Statement on Medicare Coverage of Medically Necessary Oral and Dental Health Therapies

Medicare · November 7, 2023 · The Editors

The Consortium for Medically Necessary Oral Health Coverage welcomes the final Medicare Physician Fee Schedule for 2024 as another important step forward for Medicare beneficiaries and oral systemic health. “By […]

Systemic Health in Autoimmune Disease: Dental Care is Critical

Medicare · August 29, 2023 · The Editors

The Consortium for Medically Necessary Oral Health Coverage undertakes educational, community-building, and advocacy efforts to expand access to medically necessary oral health care. Take advantage of their resources, which include […]